Dress Code



At all times, except when an event specifies a different dress code i.e. members will be permitted to wear an acceptable and respectable form of casual dress in all areas of the Clubhouse.


Please note:

  • Under no circumstances will the wearing of denim jeans with studs/rivets in any colour or fabric be permitted on the Course.
  • Golf Shoes are prohibited in the lounge, bar, main entrance and staircase leading to the lower ground floor. Training Shoes are also prohibited on the Course.
  • Hats/Visors may not be worn in the Clubhouse.
  • T-Shirts and sweatshirts with prominent logos are prohibited at all times –on the Course.
  • Shorts or trousers with large patch pockets are not permitted on the Course.



Please see the diagram below for acceptable/not acceptable form of casual dress for use on the Course.

  • All shirts must have a collar and must not be worn outside trousers or shorts.



Please see the diagram below for acceptable/not acceptable form of casual dress for use on the Course and with the following exceptions:

  • Shirts may be worn short sleeved or sleeveless but must have a collar.
    Ladies golf shirts that have been designed/tailored to wear outside trousers/shorts/skirts etc may be worn.
    All other shirts must be tucked in.
  • Tailored shorts designed for golf, skorts, skirts and cut-offs are all acceptable forms of dress for Ladies.
  • Open toed sandals are permitted in the Clubhouse. Beach style flip flops/plastic shoes are not permitted.


Acceptable Wear

Unacceptable Wear

Headgear must be worn correctly.

Men’s shirts must have collars and sleeves. They should be worn inside trousers or shorts unless rules apply.

Tailored shorts of an acceptable length are permitted.

Socks must be worn and those worn with shorts must be white ankle socks.

Spiked moulded or pimpled-based shoes must be worn.

Headgear must not be worn back to front.

No T-Shirts, football, rugby or similar unless local rules apply in hot weather, shirts must not be worn  outside shorts or trousers.

No beach shorts, denim shorts or jeans.

No trousers tucked into socks, long socks rolled down

No street, canvas, trainers or sandal type shoes.